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Fire of several waste paper bins

66589 Merchweiler-Wemmetsweiler (ots) - On Friday, June 12.06.2020th, 23, around 25:06821 p.m., several paper waste bins caught fire in Schulstrasse and Viktoriastraße in Merchweiler-Wemmetsweiler. A task force from the Neunkirchen police inspection was made aware of a burning paper bin on Schulstrasse during a patrol. The officers managed to extinguish them with a fire extinguisher. During the operation, further burning paper waste bins were reported to the nearby Viktoriastraße via the police command and control center. This additional five tons were extinguished by the alarmed volunteer fire department. Due to the heat generated by one of the burning barrels, a car parked right next to it was slightly damaged. There was no personal injury. Witness information about the fires to the police in Neunkirchen at 2030-XNUMX.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Neunkirchen

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