| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Fire of a duvet in Oberwürzbach

St. Ingbert-Oberwürzbach (ots) - On Tuesday morning, June 23.06.2020, 6, around 14 a.m. there was a fire in an estate on the street Im Kurz Tal. The duvet of a 6-year-old ignited in an initially unexplained way while he was lying in bed. The fire, in which the adolescent was slightly injured, could still be extinguished by the residents. The fire aftercare was then operated by the already alarmed St. Ingbert fire brigade, which was on site with 25 vehicles and XNUMX emergency services. Rescue workers were also on site to look after the injured youth. Ultimate investigations, involving police officers, revealed that there had been no criminal conduct. Nevertheless, the cause of the fire is probably due to human error. The young person was released from the hospital after a short medical treatment. No damage to property occurred in his room, except for the bedspread itself.

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