Lightning arrest of an internationally wanted trafficker Successful border police cooperation between Swiss and German authorities

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Saarbrücken (ots) - On August 15, 2020, Swiss security authorities informed the Federal Police that an internationally wanted person would travel to Germany on a long-distance bus from Milan. Only a few minutes after the announcement, forces from the Bexbach Federal Police Inspection at the central bus station in Saarbrücken were able to arrest the female person in the coach.

An international arrest warrant for extradition to Belgium was available for the 32-year-old Thai woman. According to the court in Antwerp (Belgium), the Thai woman is a member of a criminal organization. In eight cases she is charged with smuggling and trafficking young Thai women and transgender people with the aim of sexual exploitation.

With the promise of getting a job in Belgian massage parlors, the young victims are smuggled into Europe via Italy and forced into prostitution there in Belgian establishments.

The arrested woman worked as a financier and organization manager within the human trafficking ring. The 32-year-old was admitted to the Zweibrücken prison after her arrest and is waiting there for extradition to Belgium. If convicted, she faces 20 years imprisonment.

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Originally written by: Federal Police Inspectorate Saarbrücken

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