POL-PPWP: Senior woman loses entire savings

Current blue light message: POL-PPWP: Senior woman loses entire savings


Kaiserslautern (ots) - A senior citizen suffered a huge shock last Wednesday (April 28, 2021). The woman was out on Zollamtsstrasse that afternoon. They spoke to two women in front of a supermarket.

The strangers posed as miracle healers. They engaged the elderly lady in conversation. They suggested to her that she would die if she did not follow the perpetrators' instructions. The "healers" asked their victim to get the cash they had kept at home. They wanted to perform a ritual to save their lives. Out of fear, the elderly woman went back to her apartment and a little later brought all her savings with her in a bag. While performing the "ritual", the brazen trick thieves swap the bag of cash for a bag full of paper without being noticed.

Before the injured party noticed that something was wrong and she was ripped off, the two women had already left. You escaped undetected with a very large amount of cash.

The senior citizen from Kaiserslautern was in shock and only reported the theft to the police on Monday.

She described the two unknown women as follows:
The first offender was about 1 meters tall and slim. She had short blonde hair and was of an athletic stature. She wore a gray, knee-length coat and gloves.
The second perpetrator was slightly shorter, about 1,70 meters tall and plump. She had blonde hair.
Both women spoke Russian, were Eastern European in appearance, and had dark complexions. The victim was unable to provide any information about the age.

Witnesses who can provide information about the unknown are asked to report to the police on 0631 369-2620. | mhm

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

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