POL-PDLU: (Dannstadt-Schauernheim) Escape from traffic accidents by pedestrians

Current blue light message: POL-PDLU: (Dannstadt-Schauernheim) Escape from a traffic accident by pedestrians


Dannstadt-Schauernheim (ots) - On Monday noon around 12:50 p.m. there was an accident in Ludwigshafener Strasse with a 74-year-old cyclist. A witness stated that the woman was driving on the bike path in the direction of Am Rathausplatz when two adults, presumably a married couple, with two children and a toddler in a stroller came out of the Falkenweg on foot. To prevent a collision, the cyclist had to pull her handlebars to one side and fell to the ground. The pedestrians had offered the woman something to drink, but then left the scene of the accident. They were dressed in brightly colored clothes. The cyclist suffered abrasions on her head and nose from the fall and complained of pain. She was taken to a hospital by the ambulance service. Witnesses who can provide further information about the accident or the persons involved are asked to contact the Schifferstadt police station on 06235 495-0 or pischifferstadt@polizei.rlp.de.

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Originally written by: Police headquarters in Ludwigshafen

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