Fraud to the detriment of an 86-year-old man in Perl with subsequent arrest of perpetrators

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

Perl (ots) - Last weekend, an 86-year-old pensioner in Perl was the victim of brazen fraudsters. The three men pretended to be senior employees of a roofing company and informed him that they would do final work on his roof. As the roof of the senior was only repaired temporarily after a storm damage and the men pretended to be employees of the construction company, the man initially did not suspect and handed over a total of 5.000 euros to the workers in advance. After receiving the money, they inform the man that the work is more extensive and that further advance payments are necessary. They announced their work for Monday, July 20.07.2020, XNUMX.

Within the family, the 86-year-old told about the upcoming roof work and the payments made. The relatives became suspicious of this and were able to quickly determine that there were obviously fraudsters at work. They promptly filed a criminal complaint with the police. Similarly, the employees of the Perl federal police station were informed by a local resident about the suspicious workers and were able to obtain important information from the victim.

On Monday afternoon, the wife of the resident of the Merzig Police Inspectorate announced that the workers in question had returned to the property. Officials from PI Merzig and the Federal Police Department in Perl immediately approached the senior's home, and the three workers were arrested on site. The fraudulently obtained money was also seized as part of the police investigation. Appropriate preliminary proceedings have been initiated against the three police suspects, who come from Nuremberg and Berlin.

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