Fraud thwarted

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Perl (ots) - An 82-year-old man from Perl received a call on Monday from an alleged friend. He stated that he had a car accident in Trier and that he urgently needed money for the repair of his car and for a lawyer. The caller wanted to “borrow” a sum of 20.000 euros from his friend. The mentally very sprightly pensioner immediately recognized the attempted fraud, but apparently went on the wishes of the alleged acquaintance. The pensioner then immediately informed the police. The alleged victim was able to arrange a handover of the money for this Tuesday morning with the alleged acquaintance. But he sent a "friend" to pick up the money. On this occasion, this friend was expected by the police and was temporarily arrested. It was a young man from North Rhine-Westphalia who was apparently dropped off near the crime scene by a hitherto unknown accomplice and was supposedly only supposed to pick up a bag from the injured senior.

In this context, the Merzig police again urgently draws attention to the current incidents of the same nature to the detriment of senior citizens and asks that the Merzig police station be notified immediately in the event of attempted fraud, phone 06861/7040

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