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Run better than drive

Neunkirchen (ots) - The journey for a 50-year-old German ended yesterday in Neunkirchen, then in the Ottweiler correctional facility. The man was noticed by a patrol of the Federal Police in the Neunkirchen area as a driver of a car. The investigations carried out revealed that the person was given an arrest warrant by the Saarbrücken public prosecutor for driving without a license. When asked about his driver's license, the man admitted that he didn't have one. Upon closer inspection, the officials also noticed that the license plates had been tampered with. Since the 625 EUR could not be released, the man was sent to the JVA Ottweiler for the next 47 days. Because he was driving again without a license, his vehicle was not registered and insured, the next criminal proceedings await him now.

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Originally written by: Federal police inspection Bexbach

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