Berlin's ruler sees little room for relaxation

Shop closed due to corona crisis, via dts
Shop closed due to corona crisis, via dts
Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) sees little chance of easing decisions at the planned federal and state conference on November 25th.

“That also depends on the numbers. We see a tendency, ”said Müller on RTL / n-tv“ early start ”.

You can see that you will most likely have to intervene. “There aren't too many adjustments. Above all, it's the contacts, that's where the infections come from, ”said Müller of the RTL / n-tv editorial team. The SPD politician announced that the next vote should be better prepared. “Because success also lies in the fact that we agree and that we take measures together. It doesn't do much to make two or three quick decisions, where four or five countries get out immediately. ”It shouldn't just be about restrictive measures. One topic is the implementation of the vaccination strategy. Müller gave little hope to the industries affected by closings and work bans. “There is a great desire to make something possible for gastronomy and culture. But if they do, the possibilities will only be very limited. ”With conditions, with measures that very few people could only meet.

At the same time, there must also be predictability and predictability for these areas. “I think that is very important and also gives a little bit of hope. We also have to see that so many people support our measures. ”It is not about constantly telling them what is not possible, but also about enabling things, says Müller.

In schools and daycare centers, Müller advocated a differentiated perception. "We have a nationwide situation where we also see infection dynamics, but so weak that we are still in the lower per thousand range in terms of the pure infection figures for students and teachers." Therefore schools should remain open. Rather, it is about further protective measures at educational institutions.

This does not only apply to the use of masks. “At school, it's not just about not letting children go to class, but also about better protecting teachers and teachers through the use of rapid tests. There are many measures that will play a role, ”said the Berlin head of government.