Report: EU examines emergency plan in Brexit negotiations

Flags of EU and Great Britain, over dts
Flags of EU and Great Britain, over dts
In the Brexit poker for a new trade agreement between the European Union and Great Britain, an emergency variant is now being examined at EU level.

The trade contract, which has been delayed for months, does not necessarily have to be signed and sealed by the end of the year - if necessary, a contract would come into force with a delay after a brief, unregulated phase in which a hard Brexit would occur in the first weeks of January, the newspapers report the Funke media group (Wednesday editions) with reference to EU council circles. “That is now being discussed. You can do that theoretically, ”the newspapers quote a high-ranking EU diplomat who is familiar with the talks.

The aim is therefore to avert a permanent break between Great Britain and the EU in any case. According to previous expectations, the break threatens if no contract is concluded in the next two to three weeks - because then ratification by the parliaments in Brussels and London and the technical implementation will no longer succeed in time by the end of the year, if the previous Brexit transition phase expires. The EU Parliament has already issued an ultimatum for the conclusion of the contract negotiations by the end of October, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier believes that an agreement in the first week of November is sufficient.

However, the EU Commission suspects that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will wait for the results of the US presidential elections on November 3rd. The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, had spoken out against an unregulated Brexit because of the consequences for the relationship between Ireland and Northern Ireland. If Biden wins the election, Johnson would be more willing to compromise, but time would be very short. An EU diplomat told the Funke newspapers: “It is now being discussed that in the event that an agreement is not reached by around November 10th, one can accept chaos at the beginning of the year for a few weeks at the beginning of the year and simply continue negotiations . "

This is not a desirable solution because something like a hard Brexit would be allowed for a certain period of time.