Benedikt Höwedes 2016 as Schalke
Benedikt Höwedes 2016 as Schalke

Benedikt Höwedes ends football career

Benedikt Höwedes, world champion of 2014 in Brazil, ends his football career.

Although he still felt fit for the Bundesliga and had several offers, he wanted to resign because of his family, Höwedes told Der Spiegel. During a vacation he recently noticed “how blatant it was for me to experience my son up close. Football suddenly became so unimportant to me. ”

Höwedes prematurely terminated his Moscow locomotive contract a few weeks ago. When he said goodbye to Schalke three years ago, he felt that he had been booted out of the club and initially moved to Juventus. “I knew the business was tough. But I had always only got to know the sunny side. Then I got the full broadside. ”

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