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Munich (ots) - “Accompanied driving from 17” has been successfully established in Germany for more than ten years. This created a nationwide opportunity to acquire a class B driver's license at the age of 17 - subject to the condition that you only drive your car up to your 18th birthday if you are accompanied by a person whose name is entered in the test certificate. Another limitation concerns the scope. The accompanied young novice drivers with the test certificate are only allowed to drive a car in Germany. With the exception of Austria, the certificate is not recognized as evidence of a successfully passed driving test abroad. The ADAC and the Dutch automobile club ANWB want to lift this restriction and send a letter to Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer.

According to both clubs, it is important for young people to be able to travel across borders without hurdles. So far, however, there has been no mutual recognition of the respective regulations between the Netherlands and Germany. ADAC Transport President Gerhard Hillebrand: “Young people in particular who live, work and do an apprenticeship in border regions benefit from a reduction in bureaucratic hurdles. Accompanied driving at 17 brings safety in road traffic - why should this profit stop at European borders in 2020? "

The purpose of accompanied driving at 17 is to gain driving experience and routine and thus reduce the risk of accidents for novice drivers. While about 500 kilometers are covered at the wheel in the driver training in the driving school, afterwards it is a further 1400 kilometers in the accompanying phase together with experienced co-drivers.

According to the ADAC and ANWB, the Dutch and German models of driver training are comparable. For this reason, the German federal states' conference of transport ministers in October 2019 asked the federal government to conclude a corresponding agreement between the Netherlands and Germany as soon as possible. The project is also supported by members of the Bundestag, the European Parliament and the German state parliaments.

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