Bees in St. Ingbert-Rohrbach died from bad luck

Bees, about dts
Bees, about dts
Contrary to the first report in the morning, numerous bees were killed in an accident in St. Ingbert-Rohrbach and not by an attack as reported by the police.

Originally the police transmitted the information that a beehive had been destroyed by a "thick, oily, sticky substance". The officials spoke of an "attack".

In the meantime, the situation is different, as the Kahlenberg friends who manage the club grounds say.

The liquid is a sugar solution that was applied by the beekeeper himself to feed the bees. The Kahlenberg friends also said that the bee colony on the hive was reasonably intact.

The police report was picked up by numerous media, which have now withdrawn and revised the report except for a few.