Threat with alarm gun

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Großrosseln (ots) - Yesterday, Wednesday, around 14 p.m., there was a threat with a alarm gun in a residential area in Großrosseln. As the injured party announced to the police, he parked in front of a property and honked to pick up an edging. A man then stepped out of the property and insulted him. At the same time he pulled a firearm from his pocket, reloaded it and then put it away again. The victim immediately left the location and alerted the police. Since it was unclear at that time which weapon and which perpetrator it was, there was a major police operation, including with special forces. However, after it was quickly established that it was a alarm gun and that the perpetrator did not pose a "serious" threat, the emergency services were gradually withdrawn from the location. A threat investigation is initiated against the offender. It is not yet known why he allowed himself to be carried away into such an act because of a nullity.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Völklingen

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