Threat to a stroller

Fischbach-Camphausen (ots) - On October 10, 2020, the 58-year-old injured person went for a walk with his dog in the forest car park next to the L 13, area of ​​the old outdoor pool in Fischbach-Camphausen, around 50:127 p.m. Since the injured party was not keeping his dog on a leash and the animal briefly, but at some distance, "sniffed" a man and two children, this man pulled a knife out of his trouser pocket and threatened the injured party with the words "Hit the dog Leash or I'll stab you! ”. Furthermore, the perpetrator threatened that he would “shoot” the injured party. The threats were taken seriously by the injured party.

The offender is described as follows:

- around mid-30s
- 170 cm
- "slightly southern" appearance
- Saarland accent
- straight black hair
- normal figure. The man was accompanied by two children (girl and boy of kindergarten age).

The Sulzbach police station (Tel .: 06897 / 933-0) receives information.

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Posted by: Police inspection Sulzbach

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