Because demands an extension of the short-time allowance

Federal Employment Agency, about dts
Federal Employment Agency, about dts
Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) has called for the limited duration of short-time work allowance to be extended.

"I am of the opinion that the short-time work allowance should be extended to 24 months," said Weil in the program "Frühstart" from RTL and n-tv. It is currently possible to draw short-time work benefits for up to twelve months ?? Until the end of the year, under certain conditions, a duration of up to 21 months is permitted.

Weil affirmed that it was his "urgent request to federal policy" to extend the period of short-time allowance. 24 months are "appropriate" here. The SPD politician went on to say: "We are not dealing with a normal economic crisis, but with a crisis of a very special kind. Such crises must also be answered flexibly."

He knows many companies that did not want to lay off their workforce because these companies needed their employees in an upswing. "That means that we have to build the employment bridges longer than has normally been the case up to now," said Weil. With regard to the economy in Lower Saxony, the head of government said that he too was “very worried”. "I'm afraid that we will get a lot of bad news in the autumn, especially in the service sector, but especially in industry."

For example, the demand for products such as cars is “well below the normal level”. In addition, especially in the medium-sized sector, one must prevent companies from disappearing from the market that “we might actually need very well later”. You have to "try harder to keep the value chains everywhere and Lower Saxony will also make its contribution," said Weil.