Bartsch rejects Habeck criticism in Russia debate

Dietmar Bartsch, about dts
Dietmar Bartsch, about dts
The co-chairman of the left-wing parliamentary group, Dietmar Bartsch, has rejected the criticism of the Greens leader Robert Habeck of the Left Party in the discussion about a construction stop on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

“In the debate about Nord Stream 2, I am in complete agreement with Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig's course. The crime against Navalny and the energy supply have to be separated, ”said Bartsch of the RTL / n-tv editorial team.

Sections of the Greens increasingly positioned themselves “as the energy policy vanguard of the Trump administration,” said the left-wing politician. With a view to a possible left government alliance after the next federal election, he said: “In energy policy there is a black and green shadow cabinet with Habeck, Merz and Röttgen.” He firmly rejects Habeck's “unfair” attacks on the left. “Imputing 'conspiracy theories' to a potential partner in these times is the bottom drawer. Then please make a clear statement with Mr. Söder yes, with the left no. ”Greens boss Robert Habeck had previously criticized the statements of parts of the left in the Alexei Navalny case on RTL / n-tv“ Frühstart ”. “What the left is doing is underground. That goes in the direction of conspiracy theories, one has to say. "

Several politicians on the left, including foreign expert Gregor Gysi, had participated in speculations about the poisoning of Navalny and questioned whether Russia was really behind it. "When it comes to foreign policy, they can say that you always have to keep talking, I am fully in favor, but there has to be a clear edge at this point and you should draw that too," said Habeck.