Barley insists on the rule of law enforcement

Katarina Barley, on dts
Katarina Barley, on dts
After Hungary and Poland blocked the EU budget as a protest against a rule of law mechanism, EU Parliament Vice-President Katarina Barley (SPD) insisted on the implementation of the regulation.

“I believe that in the end the EU will have the upper hand, because both Poland and Hungary need the money from European pots. That accounts for three or four percent of their economic output, ”she told Deutschlandfunk on Tuesday.

Orbán in particular ?? you can hear that anyway? I am financially on dry land. "In this respect, I hope that the EU can now prevail," said Barley. Poland and Hungary have now been overruled for the first time with regard to this rule of law clause. “There is no need for unanimity. And that is also a sign of the European Union, ”said the SPD politician.

Otherwise, this is very unusual. “Otherwise the attempt is always actually made to come to an agreement. In this respect, the EU has already shown that it is very determined, ”said Barley.

The EU Commission must now show that "this closed season" is over. “It has been going on in Hungary for ten years, and Fidesz has been in power with Orbán since 2010. In Poland for five years. ”In particular the Commission had done too little, said the EU Parliament Vice-President.

“You watched more or less inactive. This is the signal now that those times are over, because that is a contagious disease. "You can see in other countries, in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, even in the Czech Republic, where a liberal rules," that it has crept in , well, there are no consequences if we break the rules ”. Now the time has come "when it has to end," said Barley.