Rear-end collision with a slightly injured person on the A6 - AS St. Ingbert-Rohrbach

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

St. Ingbert-Rohrbach / A6 (ots) - On Thursday evening, October 22.10.2020nd, 20, around 45:6 p.m., a traffic accident occurred on the A33, direction Mannheim, shortly before the St. Ingbert-Rohrbach junction. A 73-year-old driver of a Renault Clio from Pirmasens switched from the right to the left lane. He did not notice the 5-year-old driver of a 22-series BMW from Saarbrücken approaching from behind, so that there was a collision. Both vehicles were seriously damaged in the process, came to a stop at the St. Ingbert-Rohrbach exit and had to be towed as a result. There were obstructions in the exit area until the accident site was cleared at 30:15000 p.m. The resulting property damage amounts to approx. 06894 EUR. The driver of the BMW was slightly injured in the accident. During the recording of the accident, the Ranault driver stated that he had been slowed down in his lane by a Mercedes with a Homburger district number plate, which is why he had changed the lane that led to the accident. The St. Ingbert police are now looking for possible witnesses to the traffic accident. Please direct any information by telephone to 1090/XNUMX.

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