News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

Arrived at the bottom of the facts

The third matchday of the Landesliga Süd had a painful defeat for our second team. In the home game against SC Bliesransbach, they actually wanted to score again and build on the good performance of the previous week.

This also worked extremely well in the first 20 minutes. Markus Woll, who is currently in top form, had two good starting opportunities in the 2nd and 5th minutes of play, but they did not land in the goal. In the ninth minute he did better and scored 1-0 from an acute angle. The guests were probably a bit surprised and after 20 minutes Woll scored again after Kai Seewald's crossings. Just two minutes later, SC Bliesransbach had their first chance in the game and was able to score the goal from a clear offside position. This was a sticking point in the game that Bliesransbach took advantage of. Fabian Wiest was often characterized by strong parades. However, he was powerless in the 2th minute to equalize, just as in leading the guests through a penalty. Up until halfway there was something of the role. Nevertheless, at the psychologically good time just before half-time, Sascha Scheid was able to score 0: 35.

A lot had been planned for the second round. Because despite the bad final phase of the first half, you always had the feeling that you could come back. But these hopes were dampened again in the 53rd minute after a penalty (3: 4). As a result, the necessary opportunities could no longer be created. Rather, Bliesransbach was more dangerous. So it was Fabi Wiest again and the aluminum that saved us. In the 74th and 81st minute the guest deservedly increased to 3: 6. Hendrik Grätz was able to shorten it to 4: 6 (82nd), but this was only cosmetic result.

The SC Bliesransbach, with whom you actually saw yourself at eye level, showed the "Zwädd" their current defensive weakness. After a good first 20 minutes, a clean sheet was enough to sway. Points against such opponents must be scored at home. Now we have to keep working hard during the week and take a win at FV Püttlingen on Sunday. Because this opponent should, if not even have to be left behind in the table.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker