Moderna also announces high effectiveness of corona vaccine

People with protective masks, over dts
People with protective masks, over dts
The US biotech company Moderna has published test data on its corona vaccine, which at first glance is even better than that of the German company Biontech.

In the phase 3 study, a vaccine effectiveness of 94,5 percent was determined, said Moderna on Monday. Over 30.000 people in the United States participated in this study.

Two weeks after the second vaccine dose, according to Moderna, a total of 95 corona infections were registered in the test group, 90 of them in the placebo group and only five among those who had received the vaccine. The eleven registered severe cases occurred exclusively in the placebo group. Moderna announced the development of a vaccine against Corona in January. In March, Moderna became the first company in the world to get a clinical trial approved for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine when a Phase I trial began.

The usually usual animal studies were skipped. The phase 3 study began in late July. Just last Monday, the German biotechnology company Biontech and the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced an effectiveness of more than 90 percent for their vaccine candidate in an initial interim analysis.