Labor Minister wants to "clean up" in the meat industry

Hubertus Heil, about dts
Hubertus Heil, about dts
Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) has repeatedly accused the meat industry of organized irresponsibility in recent years.

This led to problems with occupational safety, especially under the conditions of the corona pandemic, as the responsibility could not be assigned, Heil told the television station Phoenix. He wants to put an end to this with the new draft law on occupational safety, which the Bundestag will discuss on Thursday.

“I want to clean up this industry. Now is the time to put an end to excuses or voluntary commitments. ”There shouldn't be any second-class employees. "We have to do away with work contracts and we don't want any evasive reaction to temporary employment," demanded the SPD politician. It is not about banning work contracts altogether. “But here we have seen that work contracts were used on a massive scale to lower wages and to trample occupational safety and health. And that is why this interference is also legally justified, ”Heil defended his bill. Again and again he experiences that "smoke grenades" are thrown. "We have to be careful that a powerful lobby does not prevail here, which is also able to order legal opinions with a lot of money." The state must be able to enforce the law through clear rules, said Heil. The bill is "watertight" and contains clear standards such as higher fines and digital timekeeping. At the same time, however, the entrepreneurs would also have to be held accountable by employing their employees on a permanent basis.

The attempts of some companies to circumvent the planned regulations by founding subsidiaries would be prevented with the new draft law. "Large companies will not be able to sneak around," said Heil.