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Aquaplaning as the cause of three solo accidents in a short time

Freisen-Birkenfeld, BAB 62 (ots) - Yesterday around 19:45 p.m., three traffic accidents occurred almost simultaneously on the BAB 62 motorway in the direction of Trier, at AS Türkismühle, due to rain and aquaplaning. All were accidental accidents. The persons involved in the accident came to the left of the road on a wet road - as a result of a speed not adapted to the weather conditions. After that, the vehicles collided with the left-hand central barrier. Property damage occurred to the center guardrail and the vehicles involved. Nobody got hurt.

If a car floats on a wet road, some drivers are startled. If there is a continuous film of water on the road, aquaplaning can occur. In extreme cases, the tires completely lose contact with the road in this situation, and they can then no longer transmit the required steering and braking forces. The vehicle is no longer steerable.

Here are some police behavioral instructions:

- The first indication for aquaplaning is the blinking of the
Control lamp for the electron. Stability program (ESP). - steering wheel
hold straight with both hands - no hasty steering maneuvers
Execute - Carefully take your foot off the accelerator pedal - speed
reduce slowly, let the vehicle roll out - just disengage,
do not brake, especially in the rain, tires with good
Profile. There should be at least three millimeters of profile depth
better more. Excessive speed and worn tires are the main causes of aquaplaning.

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Originally written by: Police inspection in North Saarland

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