Calls from fake police officers

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Kaiserslautern (ots) - Fraudsters tried to trick people in Kaiserslautern on Wednesday. During the day, 15 men and women answered, all of whom had received calls from fake police officers. Fortunately, all those called recognized the scam so that there was no financial damage.

As most of those affected reported, the callers posed as police officers and claimed that when burglars were arrested, a piece of paper was found with the name of the person called. Against the background of this (made up) story, the callers then tried to sound out their victims and find out whether they had any valuables at home.

In some cases, the victims recognized the fraudulent lie and simply hung up - in some cases the alleged police officer also ended the call when he learned that there was "nothing to get".

Bold: When a 73-year-old man replied to the lies about the allegedly arrested burglars that he was not interested, the caller said that he would "die" - and then hung up.

In one case, the fraudster dished up a different version of the made-up story, claiming that a bank employee had been arrested, had been found stolen and was now on the trail of a gang of burglars. The called senior was asked to have all money, jewelry and valuables that he possessed ready "for security"; a criminal investigation officer would come by to collect the things. After the phone call, the senior informed his daughter - who in turn notified the real police.

In the cases reported on Wednesday, those affected reacted correctly and were not fooled by the caller. If you too receive such a dubious call, keep calm and don't be intimidated by any "horror stories" about arrested intruders (or similar) in your area! Do not give any information on the phone about whether you live alone, whether you have valuables at home, how much money is in your bank account or similar confidential information! If the caller claims they are a police officer, you can easily check this by calling the agency they claim to be working for themselves and asking.

Further information on the subject of “fraud by fake police officers” is available on the website At you will also find tips on how to respond to such calls and how to protect yourself from such fraudsters. | cri

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

The text is a press release from the West Palatinate Police Headquarters. The text has not been edited or changed by our editorial team. POL-PPWP: Calls from false police officers