Anke Engelke doesn't want to worry about her death yet

Anke Engelke, about dts
Anke Engelke, about dts
The thought of her own funeral is alien to the actress Anke Engelke.

"I realize that I'm not ready to worry about my death," said the actress to the "editorial network Germany" (Thursday editions). She can be seen in the series "The Last Word" as a funeral orator.

“I don't think that I ignore the topic or that I'm scared to think about it, or that I don't want to deal with it. Rather, I notice how much I like the here and now and how comfortable I feel, appreciating life more and more. ”Even after many years, the artist is still learning something new in her profession. “By never going to drama school, I learn so much from other colleagues. Sometimes I feel a little unfinished, I'm unsure when playing, ”said Engelke.

Like many colleagues, switching to scriptwriting is out of the question for her. “I tried to write something on the 'weekly show'. That totally backfired. "

The colleagues were fair enough to tell her that immediately. “I can recite absolutely great text that other people have written me. But write something yourself? Difficult, ”said the actress.