Asleep at the wheel

Tuned vehicle | Image: Kirchheimbolanden Police Department

PI Bingen (ots) - Saturday, September 12.09.2020th, 05, 06:18 am, Weiler near Bingen, Stromberger Straße. A car stopped at the construction site lights with the engine running is reported to the Bingen police. Despite the change to green, the driver does not drive off and does not react to being spoken to. After the XNUMX-year-old driver has been woken up by the officials, signs of the influence of medication and narcotics are detected as part of the driving test. A blood sample is taken and a corresponding investigation is initiated.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Bingen

The text is a press release from the Bingen police station. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team. POL-PIBIN: Asleep at the wheel