Alzey: Attempted break-in in Shishabar

Alzey (ots) - Between 23 p.m. on Saturday evening and 14.30:06731 p.m. on Sunday, there was an attempted break-in into a shisha bar in Alzey. According to initial findings, previously unknown perpetrators tried to get into the building by levering various windows. This failed, so that the property damage amounts to a low three-digit amount. Witnesses who have made observations in connection with the above-mentioned facts or who can provide information about the previously unknown perpetrators are asked to contact the Alzey police on 911 / 100-XNUMX or any other police station. Advice is also received online at under the menu item “Give advice”.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Alzey

The text is a press release from the Alzey Police Inspectorate. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.