Altmaier demands flexibility from young people in Corona times

Peter Altmaier, about dts
Peter Altmaier, about dts
Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) advises young people who are currently unable to find their dream job, for example because this industry is on the ground due to the corona pandemic, to see whether there are opportunities in other industries.

You could then change again after about a year, said Altmaier to the ARD capital studio in the "report from Berlin". There is currently a need for skilled workers in Germany.

Criticism comes from Christian Lindner (FDP): "I am missing a policy that improves the attractiveness of new jobs in Germany as a whole," said the FDP boss. Specifically, he demands: Reducing bureaucracy, easing investments, lower taxes and accelerating public planning projects. "A policy that does not introduce new bureaucracy like the Supply Chain Act", says Lindner, is "more urgent than ever" right now. Altmaier has "a lot of understanding" for the young people.

However, they too must now make a contribution so that others are not endangered. Bans on accommodation are of no use, according to FDP boss Lindner. "Because business trips and family vacations - these are not the sources of infection." Peter Altmaier, on the other hand, argues: "If the numbers did not go down, we would have much bigger problems for our economy, for our society, for young people and their future prospects."

Therefore, a great effort is necessary. In May and April it was possible to break this dynamic. We now have more experience of where the actual sources of infection are. “Today we know: First and foremost, it's parties. They are private parties. And we have to appeal to everyone that they put this aside for a few weeks or months so that we can get the health situation under control. "

Christian Lindner calls for curfews to be ruled out. "A curfew would be completely disproportionate."

In addition, according to Lindner, it would also be “disproportionate if the police suddenly rings the doorbell at a small private party with ten people because neighbors are suddenly denouncing. That would also be an exaggeration. "