Airbus cuts 15.000 jobs worldwide

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus plans to cut 15.000 jobs worldwide.

The company announced on Tuesday evening. This is an answer to the corona crisis.

"This adaptation is expected to result in a reduction of around 15.000 positions no later than summer 2021. The information and consultation process with social partners has begun with a view to reaching agreements for implementation starting in autumn 2020", said the company. This affects 5.100 jobs in Germany alone. In France there are 5.000 jobs, in Spain by 900, in Great Britain by 1.700 and otherwise 1.300 jobs worldwide. Even before the pandemic, Airbus had decided to cut 900 jobs at its German subsidiary Premium Aerotec.

"Airbus is facing the gravest crisis this industry has ever experienced," said Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury. "The measures we have taken so far have enabled us to absorb the initial shock of this global pandemic." And further: “Now, we must ensure that we can sustain our enterprise and emerge from the crisis as a healthy, global aerospace leader, adjusting to the overwhelming challenges of our customers.”

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