General terms and conditions

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1. Advertising order

1.1 An advertising order within the meaning of the following general terms and conditions is the contract for the publication of one or more advertisements by an advertiser or other interested party in a publication for the purpose of distribution.

2. Ads

2.1 If in doubt, advertisements are to be called up monthly for publication.

2.2 If the right to access individual placement sequences is granted in the context of a contract, the order must be processed within the contractually agreed placement period or sequence.

2.3 If an order is not fulfilled due to circumstances for which the publisher is not responsible, the client must, without prejudice to any further legal obligations, reimburse the publisher for the difference between the discount granted and the actual acceptance. This applies in particular to special prices. The reimbursement does not apply if the non-performance is based on force majeure in the risk area of ​​the publisher.

2.4 Orders for advertisements that are stated to be published exclusively in certain editions or in certain places in the publication must be received by the publisher in good time so that the client can be informed before the advertisement closes if the order cannot be executed in this way. Classified advertisements are printed in the respective rubric without the need for an express agreement. Partial text ads are not possible.

2.5 Advertisements that are not recognizable as advertisements due to their editorial design are clearly marked as such by the publisher with the word "advertisement".

2.6 The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising orders - including individual requests within the framework of a contract - based on the content, origin or technical form in accordance with the publisher's uniform, objectively justified principles if their content violates laws or official regulations or their publication for the publisher is unreasonable. This also applies to orders placed with branch offices or representatives.

2.7 In the event of force majeure, any obligation to fulfill orders with the publisher expires. In particular, no compensation will be paid for not published or too late advertisements.

2.8 The publisher reserves the right to set special prices in the context of special promotions and group advertising. The placement cannot be bindingly agreed.

2.9 The publisher can refrain from calculating typesetting and repro costs in the usual advertising range. In this case, the draft advertisement and all films, templates, etc. remain the property of the publisher. In particular, publication of such advertisements in other printed works is not permitted without the publisher's consent.

2.10 The publisher grants discounts on advertisements that appear several times. The applicable ad price list is decisive. The publisher reimburses participation in the direct debit procedure with a bonus. The amount is specified in the currently valid ad price list.

2.11 The publisher is generally not obliged to print advertisements from political, religious or ideological groups, institutions or associations.

3. Print templates

3.1 The client is responsible for the timely delivery of the advertisement text and flawless print documents. The publisher immediately requests replacement for recognizable unsuitable or damaged print documents. The publisher guarantees the print quality usual for the documented title within the scope of the possibilities given by the print documents.

3.2 Print templates, photos, etc. will only be returned to the client on special request. The obligation to store ends three months after the order has expired. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is the place of the publisher for both parts.

4. Print approval

4.1 Trial prints are not supplied. The client is responsible for the correctness of the returned artwork. By sending the print template, the print approval is considered granted. If there are no special size specifications, the actual print height is used as the basis for the price calculation.

4.2 All printed matter designed on behalf of the customer remains the property of the publisher until full payment has been made. Passing on the print or sample templates specially designed by the publisher for the client to third parties without the publisher's written consent will result in criminal consequences and will result in notification immediately.

5. Claims for damages / complaints

5.1 The publisher must be notified in writing of design requests for the advertisement, as well as changes, corrections or additions. The publisher assumes no liability for errors from any kind of telephone transmission.

5.2 If the advertisement is completely or partially illegible, incorrect or incomplete, the customer is entitled to a reduction in payment or a flawless replacement advertisement, but only to the extent that the purpose of the advertisement has been impaired. If the publisher allows a reasonable period for this to pass or if the replacement advertisement is again not perfect, the client has the right to reduce the payment or to cancel the individual placement order.

5.3 Claims for damages from breaches of contract, fault at the conclusion of a contract and tort are excluded - even when placing an order by telephone - unless they are based on intent or gross negligence on the part of the publisher, his legal representative, a managerial officer or vicarious agents.

5.4 Complaints must be made in writing within 8 days of the advertisement appearing.

5.5 Distribution / delivery of household delivery

Complaints about non-contractual execution of a distribution must include the day, place, street and house number as well as the name of the complainant.

Complaints must always be made in writing.

In the event of justified complaints, the distributor must be given an appropriate opportunity to make improvements.

Depending on the local conditions, Regio-Journal strives to deliver to 90% of the reachable (receiving) households. If it emerges from household surveys that demonstrably more than 10 percent of the target coverage rate has not been distributed, the client is entitled to the same percentage deduction of the invoice. Complete retention of the invoice amount is not permitted.

If an additional inspection of the distribution performance proves to be unfounded, the costs incurred can be charged to the complainant.

The publisher is not liable for the advertising success.

6. Claims

6.1 If the client does not make an advance payment or takes part in the direct debit procedure, invoices are issued immediately after the advertisement closes and are due after 14 calendar days at the latest. The exact terms of payment can be seen in the contracts and invoices. There are no discounts or similar discounts.

6.2 In the event of late payment or deferral, interest of 4% above the current discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the collection costs will be charged. In the event of a delay in payment, the publisher can postpone the further execution of the current order until payment is made and request advance payment for the remaining advertisements. In the case of bankruptcies and compulsory comparisons, no discount is given.

6.3 If there is an important reason, the publisher is entitled to make the appearance of further advertisements regardless of an originally agreed payment term, during the term of an advertisement contract, on the advance payment of the amount and on the settlement of outstanding invoice amounts, without the client being required to do so Claims against the publisher arise. The customer shall bear the costs for the production of the printed documents ordered, as well as for any significant changes to the originally agreed versions that are requested or to be represented by the customer. Reproduction costs such as enlargements, reductions, screenings and retouching are additional services that are not included in the advertisement price and are therefore billed.

6.4 A decline in circulation will only have an impact on the contractual relationship if a circulation is guaranteed and this decreases by more than 20%. In addition, any price reduction and damage claims are excluded if the publisher informed the client in good time before the circulation dropped that the client could withdraw from the contract before the advertisement appeared.

Terms and Conditions as of December 15.12.2017, XNUMX