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Munich (ots) - The growth rates for new registrations of electric cars are gigantic - some of them are in the three-digit range. However, the market share of e-vehicles is currently 6,4 percent.

There are still uncertainties about range and doubts about the suitability of electric cars for everyday use. (Supposedly) high acquisition costs and a comparatively small selection of models reduce the willingness to buy. In addition, there are delivery problems for the manufacturers. The federal government is heavily subsidizing the purchase of e-vehicles in order to accelerate the market ramp-up.

How suitable are e-cars really for everyday use? How has the range developed? Which cars are available on the market? Where can I charge and what are the costs? For which driving profile is the e-car suitable? And which grants can I benefit from? How long are the delivery times? And when is the right time to switch? After all, how environmentally friendly are electric cars really?

Provide answers to these questions

Dr. Joachim Damasky, VDA Managing Director,

Karsten Schulze, ADAC technology president

as well as the FAZ journalist Frank-Holger Appel

in the ADAC Talk - on 29.09. at 11 a.m. live on (

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