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Munich (ots) - In its meeting on October 16.10.2020, 28.11.2020, the ADAC eV Presidium decided to cancel the ADAC Annual General Meeting planned for November XNUMX, XNUMX as a face-to-face event.

Against the background of the current Covid-19 development and the associated tightening of contact and travel restrictions, it is unfortunately not possible to hold a face-to-face event, explains ADAC President Dr. August Markl: "The health of the delegates - as well as the general health of all ADAC employees - always has priority."

The upcoming votes on the approval of the 2019 annual financial statements, the discharge of the Presidium and the 2020 business plan and the election of the ADAC Court of Honor will now be carried out by circulation.

The annual ADAC general assembly is the supreme body of the largest mobility club in Europe. In the 2019 reporting year, ADAC eV passed the 21 million member mark for the first time. The club is committed to maintaining the mobility of its members through active help, advice and protection. The ADAC road patrol drivers and mobility partners performed an average of more than 2019 missions per day in 10.000. The services for members were further adapted to the changed mobility needs and partially expanded. The ADAC also reacted early this year to the corona crisis with additional services, for example in connection with applicable quarantine regulations.

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