Vacation abroad is not a shame!

People on the beach, about dts
People on the beach, about dts
Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) currently considers vacationing abroad to be "inappropriate". He calls for more vacation in Germany. In his words, he places trips abroad in the area of ​​moral reprehensibility. A critical comment.

A mass hysteria is currently being declared due to the increasing number of Covid 19 infections worldwide. Politicians overturn in sharpening their profiles and even the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Foreign Office throw travel tips and crisis modes around.

Hundreds of billions of euros of European financial support will be made available to support Spain and less than two weeks later, Catalan holiday regions will be on the “black list”, on which Luxembourg has already landed.

The Grand Duchy was so angry about it that it hired the German ambassador for the first time in 16 years - it was about mandatory corona tests when entering Luxembourg. Foreign Minister Asselborn said in the RTL interview words like "Luxembourg is a country and not a slaughterhouse - we demand respect from Germany".

I demand exactly this respect from every single politician in Germany. Anyone who declares areas, such as Catalonia, to be a risk area, has lost touch with reality. To clarify: 7,5 million people live in Catalonia - factor seven of the Saarland, for example. The land area is 32.108 square kilometers - the Saarland has 2500 km². In terms of area, Catalonia is on par with Baden-Württemberg (35,700 km²) North Rhine-Westphalia (34.100 km²)

What would people in the country say if you suddenly "all of NRW or all of Baden-Württemberg“Would declare it a risk area? When the Corona outbreak began at Tönnies, the district of Gütersloh was sealed off - an area of ​​970 km² with 300.000 inhabitants, but nobody came up with the idea of ​​declaring all of North Rhine-Westphalia a crisis area. Why too?

German arrogance knows no limits in such situations. While today the RKI classifies "Catalonia" as a risk area, the fact that in the areas mentioned by the Federal Foreign Office within Catalonia, for example in "L´Hospitalet de Llobregat" not far from Barcelona, ​​the R value of "over 3" approx has dropped to "slightly above 1" over twelve days. The aforementioned Segià region can now also demonstrate an R value of approx. 1.

This news was released in some media yesterday, but was often just a side note.

In other words, Spain's holiday regions are declared risk areas in Germany, even though the numbers have been declining for days. This logic cannot be explained. Massive restrictions were introduced ten days ago, cinemas and discos were closed, and exit restrictions were sometimes imposed.

But let's get back to Baden-Württemberg's green head of state, Winfried Kretschmann: He said it was “inappropriate” to go on vacation this summer. He not only questions the trust in each European partner that they are able to control outbreaks and, if necessary, contain tough measures, but pushes the desire, after this time demanding for everyone, something different than Germany want to see, in the morally flawed corner.

Even more: he assumes that the citizens are irresponsible. Of course Kretschmann is right when he condemns the excesses on Ballermann or now on the Golden Sands.

But to be generally of the opinion that vacation abroad is less safe than in Germany is a misconception.

Of course, one can worry that greater freedom of movement leads to higher infections. But this is not set in stone.

Especially people who do not live in a house with a garden are looking forward to their vacation, which may have had to be postponed due to the pandemic and the associated border closures.

And the wish not to see the same streets all year round is to be conceded to the people.

It should also not be forgotten that citizens are allowed to work every day, even vacations on crowded beaches in Germany are ok, but not in Spain, not in Greece, and certainly not in Turkey. And even in Italy you don't need to go on holiday this year, according to Kretschmann.

That's right, there were billions of aid at EU level. What does tourism need? Kretschmann probably never came up with the idea that, regardless of the country in which you are located, you can always keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a face mask.

For this reason, I say: Vacationing abroad is not a shame as long as the vacationers adhere to the applicable rules.