Sulzbacher indoor swimming pool opens on July 28th

The indoor pool in the Sulzbach sports center in Mellin will reopen to its visitors on July 28, 2020 after the corona-related closure.

With a large majority, the city council passed the CDU application to open the bath last Thursday. Of 28 councilors present, 21 voted in favor of reopening, five abstained and two voted against opening.

The decision was based on a hygiene concept drawn up by the operator of the bath, the Kommunale-Dienste-Gesellschaft (KDI).

Open from Tuesday to Saturday

The bath is open from Tuesday to Saturday. There are two bathing times available on these days: From 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m., visitors can go to the bath. Only the large pool is open, the non-swimmer and baby pool remain closed.

Only 35 people can swim at the same time

As the administration reports, the number of users is limited to 35 people at the same time.

The managing director of KDI, Jürgen Haas, expects additional costs of 70.000 to 80.000 euros for this year.

In addition to loss of income, this includes additional costs for structural measures such as the installation of spitting protection, floor markings, barriers and signage, but also for additional staff due to increased cleaning work.

CDU, SPD, Left, FDP and AfD welcome opening, Green and Free voters criticize

The vast majority welcomes the opening of the bath. For CDU parliamentary group spokesman Jochen Wagner, the opening is a "clear signal to the population", Andreas Latz (SPD)"is looking forward to the reopening". Herrmann Kreis (AfD) sees the “return from a piece of normality” in the opening of the bathroom and was satisfied with the KDI concept. Hubert Jung (Greens) criticized the opening due to the high effort and asked the opening to be postponed to "autumn".

Monique Broquard (left) argued for the reopening and said:We also have to think about the citizens who need the bathroom for their health.“Christoph Kleinz (FDP) also supported the opening and made it clear that the indoor pool would never generate a surplus. The bathroom is there for people, whatever is in the business plan.

Mayor Michael Adam saw the decision as a good sign for the citizens and the DLRG.