Sulzbacher Stadtwerke pass on VAT

The Stadtwerke Sulzbach inform
The Stadtwerke Sulzbach inform
Stadtwerke Sulzbach pass on the VAT benefit to their customers.

“We're giving the lowering the added valuetax fully to our customers!“, Communicated the Stadtwerke Sulzbach.

The value added tax on energy has been from 1.7. reduced from 19% to 16% by the end of the year. The rate for drinking water is reduced from 7% to 5%.

"We pass this reduction on to our customers in full in the year-end billing in accordance with the statutory options“, So the Sulzbacher Werke further.

"Since we have not yet made any legally binding statements about the tax rates for consumption from 1.1. until June 30.6.2020th, XNUMX, our price sheets show the net prices and continue to show the full VAT rates“, The supplier continues.

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  • Stadtwerke Sulzbach inform: Peter Diersch