Sulzbach: First playgrounds open again on Wednesday

Playground swing
Swing on a playground (icon image)
The first playgrounds will open in the Sulzbach urban area from Wednesday. The first playgrounds in Friedrichsthal are to be reopened to children by the weekend.

They were closed for more than a month and were sorely missed by children and parents. At the beginning of the week, the employees of the municipal building depot dismantled fences, rolled up flutter strips and collected the old prohibition signs. For this purpose, new signs with the applicable hygiene regulations are attached.

The grounds were also cleaned and the play equipment checked. "As a first step, we will open the playgrounds in the Salinenpark in Sulzbach, in Neuweiler at the Weierwiesschule, in Hühnerfeld at the Martin-Luther-Haus, in Altenwald in the Röchlingpark, in Schnappach on the Fritz-Zolnhofer-Platz and the forest playground on the Gantestrasse in Brefeld"Said Mayor Michael Adam.

In the course of the week, all other playgrounds in the city area are to be opened. Before the playgrounds could open, the city council had to create a usage concept.

As the administration continues to report, it could be that individual play equipment would first have to be blocked in order to keep the distance requirement, for example.

Mayor Adam:The distance requirement must also be observed with the children. We rely on the parents' sense of responsibility, but we have to check the playgrounds sporadically."

Playgrounds should also open in Friedrichsthal

As we were informed from the Friedrichsthal town hall, individual playgrounds are expected to be released at the weekend, these will be signposted to show rules of conduct. More details would be announced promptly.