Legal entitlement to childcare for daycare children is reinstated

Sulzbach: Regular operation of the Kita Neuweiler from Monday

Kita, about dts
Kita, about dts
From Monday, June 08th, 2020, limited regular operations will start in the municipal daycare center in Neuweiler, and emergency care will end in the municipal daycare center in Pestalozzi.

From Monday all children can be looked after again. Due to the mandatory compliance with distance and hygiene rules, restricted regular operation continues to be a special situation.

It is important to note that hands must be disinfected when entering the building and that access for parents (or those authorized to bring and collect) is only possible with a mouth-and-nose cover. The children should only be brought into the building by one person. Compliance with the minimum distance of 1,50 meters from other children, parents or educators must be observed.

Parents, children and employees may only enter the building if there are no symptoms of illness. If children show symptoms of a respiratory illness or fever, these should be picked up as soon as possible by the parents or legal guardians, reports the city council of Sulzbach.

The city administration in conclusion:

For better planning of the group composition, please contact all parents and legal guardians of the children who have not used emergency care as soon as possible by phone (06897-5010040) or by email ( to the daycare management and state their support needs.

Please also inform the daycare center if you do not want to bring your child or only want to bring it to a limited extent.