Burglar gang arrested red-handed

Saarland Police Image: © Saarland.de
Saarland Police Image: © Saarland.de

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (March 07.03.2018th, 02), around 10:26 a.m., police forces managed to arrest three members of a burglar gang without resistance when they broke into a restaurant in Schiffweiler. The Saarbrücken district court issued an arrest warrant for the three police-known men aged 18, 16 and XNUMX. Among other things, you are responsible for burglaries in Sulzbach.

The arrest warrant for a fourth member of the gang, a 47-year-old Sulzbacher, was suspended for certain conditions.

Since the beginning of February this year, the property crime department has been investigating the suspected heavy gang theft against the four Btm consumers. The three men are said to have entered commercial properties, including restaurants, schools and kindergartens, and to have stolen cash there, while the 47-year-old regularly provided her car for the raids. In individual cases, the woman also acted as the driver of the vehicle.

When the break-in on March 07.03.2018th, 16, the three arrested again use the Sulzbacher's car. As part of the arrest, officials in the car seized crowbars and screwdrivers. In the further course of the investigation, the investigators also searched the homes of the suspects, with possible evidence being found and saved. The 47-year-old and the XNUMX-year-old partially admitted their participation in the crime. The other two gang members have so far been silent.

The two younger men were admitted to the JVA Ottweiler, the 26-year-old to the JVA Saarbrücken.

The group of four has so far been shown 15 burglaries with crime scenes in Saarbrücken, Merzig, Mettlach, Sulzbach and Schiffweiler.

The investigation continues.

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