| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters
| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

The 59-year-old fell victim to a fraudulent promise to win

Wadern (ots) - In the period from 01.06. until 16.06.20 a 59 year old from Wadern had telephone contact to a young woman. This previously unknown woman informed the victim that he had won EUR 475.000 in a competition. In several calls, she convinced the 59-year-old to transfer money to an account to avoid legal costs and settle customs regulations in order to receive the profit. As a result, there were two transfers from the good-faith man from Wadern. First an amount of money in the amount of 3.840.-EURO and then 3 days later again 14.250, - EURO. Fortunately, the sister-in-law of the 59-year-old received a call from the Sparkasse about the transfer of the EUR 14.250. In a conversation with the sister-in-law, the victim was first made aware of the possibility of a brazen fraud. A third transfer in the amount of EUR 26.960, which was scheduled for June 16.06.20, XNUMX, was therefore no longer carried out. The perpetrators are still unknown.

A few prevention tips from the police regarding this crime phenomenon:

"They have won!" Who is not happy to hear that. However, anyone who receives such a message, by phone, email or post, should be careful. Because this is usually a scam with promises to win. The method is always the same: Before handing over the prize, the victim is asked to provide something in return, for example, to pay "fees", call chargeable telephone numbers or take part in events which low-quality goods are offered at inflated prices.

If you are also called by people who promise you something, it is best to go straight to the police and file a complaint. Even if you've been the victim of such tricksters, don't be ashamed. Only if you file a criminal complaint can such crooks be put out of business at some point.

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Originally written by: Police inspection in North Saarland

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