46 young people in the first "Blue Light Challenge" of the Rhineland-Palatinate police

Arrival of the police helicopter | Image: Police College
Arrival of the police helicopter | Image: Police College

Büchenbeuren (ots) - Experience the “most exciting job in the world” in a different way / a very special challenge for young people. August 2020, the first Blue Light Challenge of the Rhineland-Palatinate police took place at the Police University (HdP) at Hahn Airport. A police adventure day for potential junior employees. The first Blue Light Challenge of the Rhineland-Palatinate police attracted 46 young people to the police college on the Hahn police campus this weekend. The schoolchildren between 14 and 19 years of age were able to experience the police up close in an exciting action program and demonstrate their abilities and skills in a wide variety of actions. The Blue Light Challenge was organized in cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate State Fire Brigade Association and also supported by the Rhein-Hunsrück district and several cooperation schools of the RP Police University. Therefore, the majority of the young people were members of the fire brigade and already had a certain “blue light experience” with them. Matthias Görgen, state youth fire brigade supervisor of the youth fire brigade RP, is enthusiastic: “To experience everyday life and the diversity of the police service for a whole day is a great experience for all participants in the challenge. Especially the girls and boys from the youth fire brigades in Rhineland-Palatinate experience our police as an important partner of the fire brigade. The possibility of possibly becoming a police officer is for them an exciting professional perspective with great opportunities for advancement. ”By consistently adhering to a hygiene concept developed especially for the event, the young people were able to experience the diverse and high demands on the police profession in a playful way . For example, they demonstrated their communication skills with the help of digital radio. In a team development training under the guidance of the behavioral trainer from the police college, they showed that they are real team players. Everyone went to their physical and mental limits in a crisp sports unit. The application training offered the young people a first glimpse into the police selection process and in the “Market of Opportunities” they asked about the broad range of tasks of the police and the numerous specialization options. All actions could take place "contact-free" and while maintaining the required minimum distance. Wearing a mouth and nose cover and regular hand hygiene were mandatory. Police students stood by the participants with advice and action and were able to clarify many open questions, e.g. on the general requirements of the three-year police service bachelor's degree, housing options on the Hahn campus and earning opportunities during the course The highlights of the day were certainly the demonstrations of the police helicopter, the service dogs and the water cannon. But the demonstration by the driving and safety trainers as well as the emergency trainers left a lasting impression on everyone. State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior and for Sport, Randolf Stich, got a picture of the action-packed event and praised the cooperation of the Rhineland-Palatinate “blue light family”: “With the Blue Light Challenge, the Rhineland-Palatinate police and the state fire brigade association created a great opportunity to bring young people closer to the police profession and to give them an insight into this diverse work. ”Frank Hachemer, President of the State Fire Brigade Association RP eV, explains enthusiastically:“ Today was very interesting for the young people. I am particularly pleased that the close cooperation between the police in Rhineland-Palatinate and the Rhineland-Palatinate State Fire Brigade Association made today's Blue Light Challenge possible. Certainly many impressions arose today that will support the young firefighter comrades in their career choice. ”Friedel Durben, Director of the Rhineland-Palatinate Police University, thanked the organizers and all those involved for the successful event on the Hahn campus. The Blue Light Challenge is intended to reach the target group of police recruiting in order to get them excited about the police profession. The Rhineland-Palatinate police not only presents a crisis-proof, exciting and varied professional field, but also presents itself as an attractive employer. Every year on two recruitment dates (02. May and 01. October) currently 580 police commissioner candidates. The application deadline for the May 2021 appointment is until October 31.10.2020, 2021, the application deadline for the October 28.02.2021 appointment is February XNUMX, XNUMX. You can find more information at: www.polizei.rlp.de/de/karriere/

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