40 emergency services extinguish fire in Sulzbach

FW Brand Sulzbach
The damage pattern on the terrace Image: Sulzbach Saar fire brigade
40 volunteers from the voluntary fire departments of Sulzbach, Neuweiler and Altenwald had to move out to a fire in Sulzbach today.

At around 10:20 a.m., the sirens in Sulzbach went off. "Fire 3 - smoke development" was the catchword. Just a few minutes after the alarm was raised, the head of operations and fire-fighting district leader "Stadtmitte" was on site and was able to detect a huge amount of smoke, which is why the fire level was raised to "2nd alarm" - which meant that the Altenwald fire fighting district had to move to the scene of the accident.

As the fire brigade reports in its mission report, a fire occurred on the back of a row house in Mühlenstrasse on the terrace, which spread to the interior of the building.

Under heavy respiratory protection and with the help of a thermal imaging camera, the emergency services searched the interior of the building for people. Fortunately, there were no more people in the building.

The forces could quickly bring the fire under control and thus prevent worse things from happening. Then a thermal imaging camera was used to search for embers. There was considerable damage to property.

A total of 8 vehicles and 40 emergency services were deployed. The head of the weir, Mayor Michael Adam, got an idea of ​​what was happening on site. The police, emergency services and the fire inspector of the Saarbrücken Regional Association were also on site.

A fireman was slightly injured during the operation.

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  • FW Brand Sulzbach: Fire Brigade Sulzbach Saar