33-year-old driver commits several traffic crimes

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Merzig (ots) - A 33-year-old driver committed several traffic offenses on Monday evening, around 22:15 p.m., in Merzig. As a driver of a Mazda, the man was first noticed by a patrol car crew when he drove on the street Am Viehmarkt at extremely high speed and ignored the police stop signals. During the subsequent escape he had an accident in Rotensteiner Weg, where he collided with a property wall and continued his escape. Due to the severe damage to his vehicle, the man then had to leave his car behind and was arrested by the police officers in the immediate vicinity. In the meantime, the police were also informed that the driver had previously endangered two pedestrians by his driving style. During the checks, the police discovered that the driver was intoxicated and did not have the required driving license. Furthermore, he had put false license plates on his car. As part of the subsequent search, narcotics were also seized from him. Corresponding criminal proceedings were initiated against the 33-year-old, who lives in Merzig, and a blood sample was taken from him.

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