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26 year old climbs on house roof rescue was done by police and fire brigade

Weiskirchen (ots) - On Friday, June 19.06.2020, 00, a witness informed the police about 15:26 a.m. that an emergency call to the police said that several people were on the roof of an apartment building in Trier Street in Weiskirchen and were rioting there. The police officers who arrived were actually able to find a 2-year-old man on the roof of the XNUMX½-story property. This was in a psychological state of emergency and was considerably drunk. The officers initially managed to secure the person with belts and ropes.

Since the police-known man had already become conspicuous in the past, a threat to emergency services could not be ruled out. Special police forces had to move in to move the person off the roof.

Ultimately, after several hours, the 26-year-old managed to get the fire brigade off the roof with the help of an aerial ladder. In addition to several commandos from the police, the SEK, various fire brigades and emergency services as well as an emergency doctor were deployed. The 26-year-old was subsequently taken to a hospital. Nobody was hurt.

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Originally written by: Police inspection in North Saarland

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