233 police commissioners successfully completed their bachelor's degree in police service

Büchenbeuren (ots) - University of Police Rhineland-Palatinate

Hahn Airport, April 28.04.2020, XNUMX

233 Police Commissioners successful in the Police Service Bachelor’s degree A traditional appointment and graduation ceremony for the Police Commissioner and the handing over of the Bachelor of Arts certificate unfortunately cannot take place due to the pandemic for the former students of the 17th Bachelor’s degree (2017-2020) Police Service. What does that mean? No personal appreciation after the three-year bachelor's degree in the presence of relatives as well as guests from politics, justice and administration with musical accompaniment by the state police orchestra. No handshakes, no hugs, no personal farewells to colleagues. Nevertheless, the university managed to complete the course with all course content on time and to appoint the students as police commissioner immediately after the last examination. Immediately afterwards, the young commissioners resume their duties in the individual departments across the country. In order to increase the visible presence of the police in Rhineland-Palatinate, they have been supporting the police patrol duty since March 20, 2020. Minister Lewentz praised the young graduates' particular commitment. “We had to demand a lot from you in this crisis situation. On the home stretch of the bachelor's degree, you had to combine studies and practical police service. The successful completion testifies to your ability and perseverance. Thank you very much for your commitment. ”Friedel Durben, Director of the Police University, also praised the commitment of the new police commissioners in his letter of congratulations:“ The corona pandemic has created challenges in your course of study. Regardless of this, you inserted yourself into an extraordinary situation for the entire police force and successfully mastered it - you can be proud of this special achievement! " The best of the year with the grade “good” (12,64 points) is Lisa Maria Kalt from the Koblenz Police Headquarters. The best bachelor thesis on "English as a selection criterion for employment in the police force? A reflection based on the recruitment test of the Rhineland-Palatinate police ”wrote Steffen Pasternack from the Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters. These and other bachelor theses will be presented and honored at a later event. Special praise for his professional, resolute and prudent actions went to Police Commissioner Dennis Stegner. During a mission in Pirmasens, he had saved the life of a nine-month-old toddler with first aid measures. “You have shaped the reputation of the police to a special degree through your work,” the director of the university thanked him.

Since March 16, 2020, the police course has only been offered in digital form for 1650 police students. The police college has been offering digital studies in addition to face-to-face studies for years and was therefore able to upgrade the educational server even more technically at short notice.

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