Garden daycare St. Josef
Play area of ​​the Kath. Kinderhaus St. Josef Eppelborn

1st "fair daycare" awarded in the district of Neunkirchen

The Kath. Kinderhaus St. Josef in Eppelborn is the 1st "Faire Kita" in the district of Neunkirchen. The focus is on global learning, rights for children, fair trade and healthy eating.

In addition to Ingrid von Osterhausen from the “Fairetrade Initiative Saarbrücken“Also Eppelborns mayor Birgit Müller-Closset and the district administrator of the district of Neunkirchen, Sören Meng. They took part in the ceremony on April 13.04.2018, XNUMX.

Sustainability as a basic virtue

The team from the St. Josef children's home looked at the meaning of the label before applying for the "fair daycare".

With fair day care centers, global learning is in the foreground. Children should be made aware of the origins of everyday products in their early years.

For example, the children are told where the cotton for the production of their clothing comes from and what work has to be done for this.

It is only through early awareness of products, food and society that it is possible to strengthen sustainable consumption on a long-term basis. This also includes the items "bio", "FairTrade", "regional" and "seasonal".

Fair daycare centers take on this task to a special degree and focus on the points mentioned.

The St. Josef children's home in Eppelborn meets the requirements of the Fair Trade Initiative and sent in the application documents in January 2018. As a result, the decision was made that the children's house would like to be recognized as "FaireKITA" and thus, among other things, use at least two products from Fair Trade.

The “fair team”, composed of one parent, one employee representative and the management team, monitors the continuous implementation and compliance with the criteria.

A recertification takes place after three years.

108 children, the 18-person children's house team and the overall management Ms. Gaby Günther - representative of the Catholic KiTa gGmbH Saarland, are happy to have achieved the “FaireKITA” goal. The idea of ​​Fairetrade is addressed in their educational work and was firmly anchored in the design of the children's home.

Further information & contact details can be found here: To the St. Josef Eppelborn children's house

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